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Haut-Valromey (Ain), Γαλλία – Εμπρηστική επίθεση σε σφαγείο

Κατά τη διάρκεια της νύχτας, της 28ης Σεπτεμβρίου, το σφαγείο Gesler στο Haut-Valromey (Ain) ήταν ο στόχος για την τοποθέτηση πολλών εμπρηστικών μηχανισμών.

Τα δύο τρίτα των εγκαταστάσεων, συμπεριλαμβανομένου του αλλαντοποιείου, του σφαγείου και των γραφείων καταστράφηκαν από τις φλόγες ολοσχερώς. Επίσης κάηκαν δυο φορτηγά και δυο τρακτέρ της ίδια εταιρίας.

Κανένα ανθρώπινο ή μη ανθρώπινο ζώο δεν τραυματίστηκε.

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Μετάφραση Traces of Fire

Limoges, France: Arson attack at gendarmerie barracks

Limoges. On the night of 25 to 26 October, we set fire to the car of a chief of the gendarmerie of Tuilières that was parked inside the barracks.
We carried out this sabotage in solidarity with the migrants in Calais.
This week the French government used force and destroyed the living places of thousands of migrating persons.
For as long as you destroy their homes, we will burn your cars!
We also want to pay tribute to Rémi Fraisse and Adama Traoré, murdered by the gendarmes.
We hope that all law enforcement officers will have the decency to resign before it’s too late.
Everybody hates the police!

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Paris, France – A few clarifications concerning an attack on CGT premises and an ‘anonymous dissociation’


Translated from Italian by act for freedom now!
In the night of 24th-25th June 2016 the comrades of ‘one cell among the many…’ attacked the national premises of the CGT union. The action was claimed, denouncing the collaboration between the unions and the prefecture of police and in solidarity with the rebel prisoners in France and the members of the CCF nearing the end of their trial for their escape attempt; the claim specified that there were some seriously injured people wanted by the police and on the run.
The media frenzy began on 25th July 2016, the CGT representative Martinez, several ministers including the minister of labour El Komhri, the interior minister B.
Cazeneuve and the prime minister M.Valls, as well as all the representatives of various union organizations, gave public statements condemning these acts (would you ever have imagined…) pointing out that the police forces would be incremented so as to protect union premises and their officials and to identify those ‘obviously well organized’ responsible for the attack.
Such a political and repressive mobilization cannot be explained by the level of violence used in this attack, which was of relatively low impact (although the media gave it unrivalled resonance), but by the target chosen.
In fact the comrades had demonstrated that it was possible to attack and also enter the building of the union federation in France the most video-surveyed and most protected by professional vigilantes and increased police surveillance during these times of social conflict and state of emergency.
In spite of what Martinez declared, the comrades had managed to enter the building to express their destructive passions, as witnessed by the smashed door. So it was neither lack of time nor the presumed alarm that would have been activated to do anything to prevent it.
The same day, 25/6/16, as the political and media frenzy was in full swing, the anarchist website ‘Brèves du désordre’publicly dissociates itself from the comrades on the pretext that such an action doesn’t need to be claimed and that they didn’t like the comrades’ perspectives in terms of solidarity.
Here is the short response of the comrades responsible for the attack following the dissociation (comment on Indy Nantes):
So it’s dissociation not from the act itself but from the claim – and so, by extension, from the individuals who drew it up:
The reason given: there is no need to claim an action whose meaning is clear, those who don’t get it are just ‘blind and anesthetized’.
This is also the reason why our anonymous dissociated ones considered it opportune to let off an anti-union tirade – quite pertinent after all – very similar to a claim…