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Chile: NEMESIS PROJECT – Incendiary / explosive attack against the National Association of Judiciary Officials


On the night of December 11, we placed a homemade incendiary/ explosive device with a delay system in the National Association of Judiciary Officials building located on Cienfuegos street in the center of Santiago. The device detonated perfectly and set fire to the door of the building.

The National Association of Judiciary Officials is the place where the officials who authorize the operation of the prison-court complex meet every day. We attacked a den of the active machinery of the system that each day allows the miserable individuals of the State apparatus to exercise the right that they have assumed to judge and imprison other people.

Each sentence issued by judges, each conviction requested by a prosecutor, each imprisonment in the prisons of power is supported by the role of judicial functionaries who validate with their work the existence and maintenance of this repressive industry.

In these times of trials against anarchists who risk long sentences our action is a ray of fire from the depths of our dark intentions towards the social order of dominion.

To act as part of the international proposal of the NEMESIS PROJECT that was initiated in Greece by the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire comrades to hit the powerful and their accomplices in their homes, their work and meeting places.

Autonomous action that breaks with the citizen passivity and decides to act outside the schedules programmed by the manifestations of social movements.

Intentional fires that compliment and elevate street clashes and small sabotages.

Anybody can do it, it’s just a matter of deciding, planning, taking precautions and acting and experiencing the pleasure of the attack. The sensation that calms our desire to directly attack power, making us feel more complete and able to breathe more oxygen without feeling superior to anybody or anything.

These are the nocturnal fires and explosions born of conspiracies, actions that consitute the dynamic organ of the insurrectional proposal against dominion, totally prevailing in our lives beyond how adverse reality is presented to us.

We do not want to create a movement, we call for the formation of action cells coordinated with each other.

We are the continuation of every revolt and every conspiracy in Chile, Latin America and the world that has chose liberating violence to oppose the violence of slavery.

We are the germ of continuity of guerrilla strategies and tactics that experience new life via our anti-authoritarian principles and methods.

The death of Fidel Castro a former guerrilla who ended up building a communist state in Cuba or the peace accords between the state of Colombia and the FARC, the longest surviving left-wing guerrilla group in the modern world do not represent for us the death of revolutionary struggle and armed action against oppression. The only thing that dies with them is the defeat of the authoritarian paradigm in the ranks of the anti-capitalist struggle.

More than ever, these times call for autonomous anti-authoritarian action.

Our fires and explosions do not forget the massacre perpetrated by the state in the Santa María de Iquique School in 1907 or the murder of 81 prisoners in the San Miguel prison fire in December 2010.

We salute the insurgent life of the anarchist comrade Alexandros Grigoropoulos that was taken by a policeman in Greece in December 2008.

We remember with fire the anarcho-nihilist comrade Sebastian Oversluij who was shot dead on December 11, 2013 attempting to expropriate money from those who are responsible for the misery.

From Chile to Greece, from Rojava to Mexico, from USA to Spain, Italy, Germany and the whole world.

Insurrectional action and solidarity with the imprisoned comrades!

For the armed expression of our desires for freedom.
Every day is Black December!
Do not stay silent! Arm yourself and be violent!

War against dominion!
Death to civilization, patriarchy and all authority!

Incendiary Cell ‘New Fires on the Horizon’
Informal Anarchist Federation / International Revolutionary Front

In Spanish

(Via : insurrectionnewsworldwide)

CCF-NEMESIS PROJECT [An open proposal]


(Reveived 22/11/16)

”He who speaks of war, must have a plan…”

The most insidious authority is the one that carries the promise of inclusiveness. This is why we transitioned from monarchy to democracy but not freedom. ”Safety” is a word favored by democracy. The more we hear about “safety”, the more our lives and freedom regress.Worst of all, contemporary power and democracy have elicited the compromise and submission of society almost voluntarily. Democracy operates as a transparent factory that produces social relations. People submit to governmental ideology, mainstream standards and disciplined behaviours and consider that what we experience today (the economic tyranny, the extortion of wage slavery, the dictatorship of the spectacle, the technological surveillance) are the inevitable natural world order.

But even in a pervasive authority, bosses, officials, managers and proprietors will always exist. Nowadays,the visibility of people in power is particularly clear. Politicians, businessmen, ship owners, publishers, journalists, judges and police officers are the persons in authority. The Nemesis Project aims to attack those persons. The Nemesis Project is our turn to make fear move into the backyard of the enemy.

Instead of attacking impersonal symbols of justice, we think that it is very important to transpose our hostilities to the personal environment of the enemy, their homes, offices, hangouts and vehicles. We know that to authority ”nobody is irreplaceable” but we also know that a personal hit against one of them would instill fear in another 100. We create a legacy of fear for their kind and whoever becomes their replacement. It is our own minimum counterweight in balancing the terror controlled by the enemy. In balancing the terror caused by the murders of workers by their bosses, the accidental shootings by cops, the thousands of years in prison sentenced by judges, the lies by journalists, the laws and the orders by politicians. In all of these cases, the enemy has a name and an address.Attacking them proves that people in authority are not invincible. At the same time,instead of confining anarchist insurrection in incidents of occasional conflict with cops, we can make revolution a permanent component of our daily lives by discovering those that hide behind orders and decisions which govern our lives, by studying their moves and routes and by organizing our own offensive cells which will respond to the challenges of authority. We do not anticipate a social short-circuit that will lead in mass mobilizations, but we become the accelerators of history through our actions, by creating the dilemma ”with authority or with freedom”. We create spaces and eras where history is written by our own hand and does not just happen. Anarchist urban guerilla is a way of looking life straight in the eye, in order to form an authentic collective ”we”. It is the construction of an anarchist process of liberation with courage, consistency and determination. Our actions are not evaluated in relation only to the blow against the enemy but also to the possibility of changing our own lives.

The Nemesis Project is an international proposal to create a list with the names of people in authority so that we can attack them where they feel safe, on the sidelines… at their own houses. The bomb explosion at the house of District Attorney G. Tsatani was the first attack, the first act of the Nemesis Project. We share this plan with all the FAI-IRF cells and all the anarchists of action across the world, wanting to start a dialogue on the diffusion of the anarchist struggle. And we know that the best dialogue for the assessment of an action can be no other than a new action…

Through the Nemesis Project we salute allour comrades that are held captive in the cells of democracy across the world and are no longer by our side. It is especially dedicated to the members of the CCF Olga Economidou, George Polydoros, GerasimosTsakalos, Christos Tsakalos, our anarchist comrade AngelikiSpyropoulou and the Italian comrades of FAI Alfredo Cospito και Nicola Gai.

To all those who did not burry the axe of war…

Conspiracy of Cells of Fire / FAI-IRF

We will return soon.