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Santiago, Chile: Incendiary attack against a Transantiago bus by Antagonistic Nuclei of the New Urban Guerrilla

As we warned…We have returned

By means of this text we claim responsibility for the total destruction of the route 230 Transantiago bus in the commune of Puente Alto today (26.12.16) by means of a homemade incendiary device.

We already made a previous attempt on August 18 on the route 110 bus in the commune of Maipú, with uncertain results. This time we have learned from our mistakes and modified some operational details to ensure that our small sabotage was completely successful.

And so we have deprived a small link in the mercantile flow that transports the oppressed to slow down the sinister machinery of social production that makes the surplus wealth generated by entrepreneurs, managers and bosses via the temporary and compulsory exploitation of the exploited to feed their wealth through wage labor and the frenetic consumption that is present at this time.

We make our position clear that our targets have never been the poor or the marginalized either in the countryside or the city. Proof of this is that we chose a route that was practically empty, but which was ready to reach its destination quickly to reincorporate itself back into the flow of exploitation, consumption and misery with which this means of public transportation collaborates. Additionally, our device was designed so that even if there were still passengers inside it would generate enough noise to warn them of our inevitable and intentional arson. Along with these measures we also designed our plan to be carried out only in the event that there was indeed nobody near the initial point of deflagration, if this situation had not been the case we simply would not have proceeded.

And so we do not hesitate to say that we hit the pockets of those who do not know the precariousness of an economically difficult life, blocking the flow that represents Capital through this small but effective sabotage and remembering that in this month not everything is about money and consumerism and that there are still many reasons to fight.

We dedicate this action to the compañerxs Juan Flores Riquelme, Nataly Casanova Muñoz and Enrique Guzmán Amadeo, imprisoned for various placements of explosive devices and risking very high sentences. To sabotage the flow of goods from the southern zone is to a certain extent a nod of solidarity with the compañerxs, who lived in the vicinity of the commune in which we operate.

With this action we again want to send greetings to the indomitable comrades Freddy Fuentevilla Saa, Marcelo Villarroel Sepúlveda and Juan Aliste Vega who are all imprisoned in the High Security Prison for the Security Case. We also send a fraternal embrace to Muñoz Delgado, Kevin Garrido and Joaquín Garcia, captives of the social war for feeding the revolutionary offensive in Chile.

We also send greetings to Natalia Collado (Tato) who is imprisoned for carrying out a sabotage similar to ours almost 2 years ago. Compañera, your convictions feed our dreams of insurrection!

We also want to take advantage of this small platform to remember that in a not so distant past there were compañerxs who went much further and did not limit themselves to sabotaging the mercantile flow but recovered it, expropriating some of the money used by bosses and heads of State / Capital to rob us of our lives. So in an exercise of combative memory we bring to the present Sergio Valdés, Ignacio Escobar Diaz and Enrique Torres, lautarinxs compañerxs who died while providing covering fire for the retreat of their squadron after an assault on a Santander bank on December 18, 1991 in the city of Coquimbo.

But it is not only the compañeros of politico-military apparatuses that generated these kinds of practices, so in affinity with our ideas we do not forget the anarchist Claudio Lavazza who is serving a harsh sentence after assaulting one of these centers of wealth accumulation, paradoxically, also on December 18 but in the year 1996.

Also, we cannot miss this opportunity to remember a brother of ours who was an active member of this group and who fell dead on the morning of the 11th of this month, 3 years ago under fire during an attempt to expropriate a bank in the commune of Pudahuel. Surely Sebastian Oversluij would have accompanied us in this new day of conspiracy had he not been murdered by a hit man of Capital. Some of these insurrectional flames were in your honor, making this small gesture a greeting of freedom to your memory.

With Persistence, Memory, Solidarity and Subversion we continue the war against Power!
Both yesterday and today, there are still reasons to fight!
To spread anti-boss hatred!
As long as there is memory there will be Rebellion!
¡Sebastián Oversluij Presente!

Michele Angiolillo Iconoclastic Circle
Antagonistic Nuclei of the New Urban Guerrilla

(via Contra Info, translated by Insurrection News)

Santiago, Chile: Barricades of fire – Sebastián Oversluij Seguel presente!

c1 c2 c4 c5 c6

We re-appropriate time, meaning that we recover it, we steal it. Only via this way are we able to be in communion with other individuals to raise an operational coordination with the aim of questioning and striking the established order. Convinced of this we appeared with barricades on several streets and avenues of Santiago taking action against the existing order that the powerful intend to dominate us with.

This propaganda action that we carried out in the streets of the city was loaded with vengeful memory since 6 years of absolute impunity have already taken place since the state of Chile massacred 81 prisoners. Indeed it was at dawn on December 8, 2010 in the north and south wings of the 4th floor, Tower 5 of San Miguel prison where the state machinery revealed its true face, this time without concealing or hiding the torture and the death that tragically embodied the incinerated bodies of 81 people.

As anti-authoritarians/anarchists we do not make double readings of these facts for anything accidental, our position is clear and from the streets we made an explicit call for open conflict against all those who are part of the prison structure regardless of the degree of responsibility that they have.

The best act of memory is to have their deaths always present and to plan our revenge against the state, its apparatuses and it official accomplices – in the case the sinister institution of the Gendarmerie.

Strengthening the illegalist memory we remember the compañero Sebastian Oversluij who fell in combat during an expropriation of a state bank in Pudahuel. 3 years after his death we reaffirm and claim his action as one of the many practices that revolutionaries, anti-authoritarians and anarchists have used throughout history to confront dominion.

Angry in our memory, always present.

To unleash the conflict against all forms of exploitation and authority!
To multiply the informal networks of attack!

Av. Lo Ovalle / San Francisco
Av. Santa Rosa / Victoria
Av. Vicuña Mackenna / Benito Rebolledo (SAN JOAQUIN WOMENS PRISON)
Av. Santa Rosa / Av. Departmental
Route 68 / Carabineros School of Cavalry

Appendix 1: Prison officials present on the day of the fire in San Miguel prison:

1. Cristian Flores (Camera Operator)
2. José Hormazabal (Head of Night Watch)
3. José Poblete (Sentinel)
4. Francisco Riquelme (Sentinel)
5. Edith Ramirez (Second Lieutenant)
6. Cesar Gómez (Guardia Armada)
7. Fernando Andrés Orrego Galarce (He left the gendarmerie after the massacre)
8. Victor Fierro Pino: (Sub-Official)
9. Gerardo Verizo Marín
10. Marcelo Gajardo Bravo


1. Jaime San Martín Vergara
2. Carlos Bustos Hofmann
3. Patricio Campos Tapia
4. José Hormazabal Sánchez
5. José Fco. Poblete Valverde
6. Francisco Javier Riquelme Lagos
7. Segundo Arnoldo Barria

(via 325, translated by Insurrection News)

Chile: NEMESIS PROJECT – Incendiary / explosive attack against the National Association of Judiciary Officials


On the night of December 11, we placed a homemade incendiary/ explosive device with a delay system in the National Association of Judiciary Officials building located on Cienfuegos street in the center of Santiago. The device detonated perfectly and set fire to the door of the building.

The National Association of Judiciary Officials is the place where the officials who authorize the operation of the prison-court complex meet every day. We attacked a den of the active machinery of the system that each day allows the miserable individuals of the State apparatus to exercise the right that they have assumed to judge and imprison other people.

Each sentence issued by judges, each conviction requested by a prosecutor, each imprisonment in the prisons of power is supported by the role of judicial functionaries who validate with their work the existence and maintenance of this repressive industry.

In these times of trials against anarchists who risk long sentences our action is a ray of fire from the depths of our dark intentions towards the social order of dominion.

To act as part of the international proposal of the NEMESIS PROJECT that was initiated in Greece by the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire comrades to hit the powerful and their accomplices in their homes, their work and meeting places.

Autonomous action that breaks with the citizen passivity and decides to act outside the schedules programmed by the manifestations of social movements.

Intentional fires that compliment and elevate street clashes and small sabotages.

Anybody can do it, it’s just a matter of deciding, planning, taking precautions and acting and experiencing the pleasure of the attack. The sensation that calms our desire to directly attack power, making us feel more complete and able to breathe more oxygen without feeling superior to anybody or anything.

These are the nocturnal fires and explosions born of conspiracies, actions that consitute the dynamic organ of the insurrectional proposal against dominion, totally prevailing in our lives beyond how adverse reality is presented to us.

We do not want to create a movement, we call for the formation of action cells coordinated with each other.

We are the continuation of every revolt and every conspiracy in Chile, Latin America and the world that has chose liberating violence to oppose the violence of slavery.

We are the germ of continuity of guerrilla strategies and tactics that experience new life via our anti-authoritarian principles and methods.

The death of Fidel Castro a former guerrilla who ended up building a communist state in Cuba or the peace accords between the state of Colombia and the FARC, the longest surviving left-wing guerrilla group in the modern world do not represent for us the death of revolutionary struggle and armed action against oppression. The only thing that dies with them is the defeat of the authoritarian paradigm in the ranks of the anti-capitalist struggle.

More than ever, these times call for autonomous anti-authoritarian action.

Our fires and explosions do not forget the massacre perpetrated by the state in the Santa María de Iquique School in 1907 or the murder of 81 prisoners in the San Miguel prison fire in December 2010.

We salute the insurgent life of the anarchist comrade Alexandros Grigoropoulos that was taken by a policeman in Greece in December 2008.

We remember with fire the anarcho-nihilist comrade Sebastian Oversluij who was shot dead on December 11, 2013 attempting to expropriate money from those who are responsible for the misery.

From Chile to Greece, from Rojava to Mexico, from USA to Spain, Italy, Germany and the whole world.

Insurrectional action and solidarity with the imprisoned comrades!

For the armed expression of our desires for freedom.
Every day is Black December!
Do not stay silent! Arm yourself and be violent!

War against dominion!
Death to civilization, patriarchy and all authority!

Incendiary Cell ‘New Fires on the Horizon’
Informal Anarchist Federation / International Revolutionary Front

In Spanish

(Via : insurrectionnewsworldwide)

Santiago, Chile, 14.12.16

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Santiago, Chile: Action 3 years after the death in combat of compañero Sebastián Oversluij

Sebastián Oversluij, we demand your memory in every direct action.* This December 11 is already 3 years since your death in combat, with fire we remember every fallen compañerx.

Freedom for the PDI case compañerxs, Tamara Sol and all other compas who have been kidnapped and imprisoned by the Police State.

Fire to the prisons!
We do not forget, we do not forgive!
The struggle continues, stronger than ever!

*Barricades, banners, pamphlets and attacks with Molotovs against the police in memory of Sebastián ‘Angry’ Oversluij and for the political prisoners outside UMCE (Metropolitan University of Educational Sciences). There were also clashes outside Campus Juan Gómez Millas (University of Chile). 07.12.2016

(via Contra Info, translated by Insurrection News)

Chile – Updates on the ‘PDA Case’,and anarchist Natalia is under house arrest

In the morning of Friday 21st October the trial began of what has been named ‘PDI Case’.
Friends, families and people in solidarity gathered near the disgusting centre of justice as the latter was taking a break in its activities; but this didn’t prevent the beginning of the inquisition against our comrades, which was then postponed so we won’t go into details. The postponement to 10th November only prolongs the time of this kidnapping which has been going on for already 15 months, and whose outcome is uncertain. Precisely for this reason we call for the multiplication of the solidarity actions against the blows that the police state wants to give to our comrades!
Célula De Propaganda Moica Morada.
In the early hours of Monday 24th October our comrades were once again taken to the disgusting centre of justice for another hearing on the review of the custodial measure. Natalia was granted a change in the terms of her pre-trial custodial measure and she’s now under house arrest. Big waves of happiness went through our hearts but we won’t forget that it’s not over yet. We don’t forget that our comrades have been kidnapped in the San Miguel prison for 15 months, since 2nd July 2015.
Updates will follow.
Célula De Propaganda Moica Morada.
Source: Publicacion Refractario
Italian translation: RadioAzione
Translated by act for freedom now!

Chile: Article about Chilean anarchist movement today and its’ origins (English y en Español)



 This article was originally intended for a new issue of Fire to the Prisons magazine. It brought together a group of comrades in Chile for a collective opportunity in revolutionary introspection. Unfortunately due to logistical complications Fire to the Prisons #13 will not be happening any time soon. But in light of the efforts of comrades both writing this piece, as well as others translating it to English, we found it important to publish the piece and share it with the English speaking anarchist world. The article helps to provide an understanding of the Chilean anarchist movement today and its’ origins. This pamphlet also includes a list of imprisoned fighters and comrades in Chile that those who wrote this, as well the Fire to the Prisons collective would like to express our solidarity with.

Read, print, and download in English here y en Español  aqui  

For an opportunity to read prior issues of our publication in PDF form, feel free to check out


For relevant and up to date information, please visit:


In permanent conflict and revolutionary solidarity
Fire to the Prisons!

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Santiago, Chile: Explosive attack against a State Bank branch by Autonomous Brigades for the Fire


The night of October 23, commune of Macul, Santiago. The eve of the electoral farce.

We claim the sabotage of Banco Estado (State Bank).

There are plenty of motives for arson and for realizing the anarchic offensive against their temples of money.

With this action we extend our commitment to the revolt. Maximum willingness for the intensification of the conflict against State Capital, Power and all authority.

We send greetings to all the imprisoned comrades facing judicial trials and processes in the coming weeks.

Ignacio Muñoz

Manuel, Amaru, Felipe, Maria Paz, Natalia

Juan, Enrique, Nataly.

Total complicity with all of you.

Autonomous Brigades for the Fire

(via Contra Info, translated by Insurrection News)

[Athens] Gesture of solidarity with the comrades in Chile, that are prosecuted for the PDI case (Contribution to the international solidarity call for 16-21 of October)


We dont’ have many things to say, but only to furiously shout the battle cry of solidarity with our imprisoned comrades, and of the hate and disgust against everything attempting to oppress and trample our bodies and our desires. Let’s go out in the streets, to make the presence of our sisters/brothers visible out of the prison walls, to make the streets overflow from the noise of the anarchist actions; let’s grab space and moments from the authority and wholeheartedly turn against them. Not many things remain to us. Our love for the comrades that totally feel the custody and repression in daily basis, and also for the sisters/brothers with whom we coexist out here, is enough for us to risk everything, attempting to cause even the minimum damage to the enemy, and also to stand on our feet proud for ourselves.


As a response to the international solidarity call (16-21 of October) for the comrades in Chile that are prosecuted for the PDI case, we hung a banner that says:




Santiago, Chile: Barricades in solidarity with the prisoners of war


Tuesday October 4, 2016.

Encapuchados erected barricades outside the UMCE (ex-educational) in solidarity with prisoners of war and clashed with the henchmen of the police Special Forces.

A banner was hung with the slogan: “Nothing is over, everything continues” and shouts thundered of “For the continuity of the fight against prisons, solidarity must be constant and active!”

Leaflets were left in support of Tamara Sol Farías Vegara, Andrés Aravena (Chico)*, Jean Gutiérrez (Legua) and the “PDI Case” comrades.

The day ended without any detainees.

*Comrade Andres Aravena (Chico) was released from Santiago prison 1 after a hearing on 09.08.16 where he was transferred from preventitive detention to night house arrest.

(via Contra Info, translated by Insurrection News)

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