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(Chile)Words of the comrade Tato in memory of Sebastian “Angry” Oversluij.

(Reveived 28/12/16)

For my part i did not meet Angry, but his death ( that was not indifferent for me) bring him next to me through his texts , drawings , songs or memories of other people who make him alive with great affection, and allowed me and allows me go farther that day December 11 for taking a more deep sense of memory of a comrade and also of others. A sense of recognition of the person itself, of a being who did the step to challenge himself, and this society and civilization of domination through the attempt of living another life that was not the established and pre-fabricated one. With the good and bad moments, contradictions and hits that entail the choices and refractory wills.
The memory i am talking about begin from a feeling of affinity with the comrade and certain experiences, practices , desires , feelings and ideas that fill our lives of a own sense , pride and the impulse to walk by a similar path of struggle and confrontation, of wishes and creation.
It is so the political and personal elements ( even from the last ones i cant explain myself very well) of his daily life and personality take importance. As his way of feed himself, his negation to consume certain products and substances, his love for the earth, having in consideration other lives that are not the human, his contempt for the wage labor, his ilegalism , and that energy and that spark that he had , also takes on strength and makes his action of expropiation and his attitude valuable. For this reasons , i regret that someone like this is no longer between us. Because besides of being propelled by direct actions, expropiations and ilegalism , he was someone who try to take and make his own life in rebellion.
For all this i will never forget who was and what kind of citizen ( a security guard) is the damned one who kill Angry

¡Compañero Sebastián OIversluij presente!

Freedom to the comrade Tamara Sol who did a step in the revenge.

A hug from this jails to each affine.


(Translated by Traces of Fire)

Italy: Update on Operation “Scripta Manent” (23/12/2016)

(Received 27/12/16)

The anarchist comrade Alessandro Mercogliano informed us by letter that upon his arrival in Ferrara prison, November 19th, he refused to gave his fingerprints and to took pictures of him. A few days later the prison authorities reported him with a penalty of 15 days to be served in solitary confinement.

MERCOGLIANO ALESSANDRO: Via Arginone, 327 – 44122 Ferrara — Italy

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(Greece) CCF: Anarchy has reminiscence.


(Received 20/12/16)

[Text for a gathering in memory of Sebastian Oversluij that took place in an anarchist squat in Chile]

One can never be really lost unless oblivion wrapps one in her arms.

It ‘s been three years now that comrade Sebastian Oversluij does not walk anymore through the paths of searching for the wild beauty of anarchist action. It’s been three years now that some of our brothers and sisters there in Chile feel his absence stretching their hearts. It is three years since the bullets of a sneak-security guard of the “Banco Estado” took his life, extinguishing the flame of the anarchist spirit that used to burn inside him.

But we, in our turn, as well as many others, we are not willing to let our comrade  disappear in the fog of oblivion. We honor our brother just like we honor his choice of passing into action, attacking a bank-a temple of money, emptying the enemy’s wallet, expropriating the minimum that we should get comparing to what authority expropriates from our own lives. The bank robbery carried out by an anarchist always carries inside the seed of refusal. The refusal to submit to a world where you ‘re restricted to sell your soul to the cruel laws of free market, so that you can live to work and work to consume and consume to fill in your existencial gaps with a pile of useless objects.

We know that we are very far away and that our words have to cross an entire ocean to reach you. But we hope you’ll be able to feel the affinity we all feel with all those who discover the ways to keep our brothers close to us at the events, in discussions, in our imagination, but above all at the continuing of spreading the constant anarchist revolt itself.

The members of Conspiracy of Cells of Fire- FAI/IRF

Mihalis Nikolopoulos
Giorgos Nikolopoulos
Haris Hatzimihelakis
Theofilos Mavropoulos
Panagiotis Argirou
Damiano Bolano

(Greece) CCF: For Sebastian-from the refusal of work…to the rebuff of the authority.


(Received 20/12/16)

[Text for a gathering in memory of Sebastian Oversluij that took place in an anarchist squat in Chile]

The real death is the forgetfulness.

On the 11th of December 2013 a robbery took place on a bank at the district of Pudahuel.when the anarchist Sebastian Oversluij walked in the bank announcing the robbery, he received the bullets from the armed guard-keeper of the bank-defender of the wealthy and authoritarian. Sebastian fell down dead after he emptied his machine gun…

But every day there are deaths without deads. Deaths that they are repeated every day…because of the mornings alarm clock so you won’t be late at work, because of the sad routes between the lonely crowd that goes to offices, factories, stores, because of the boss’s yells who wants more from you and faster, because of the mechanical movements during the work that kills the creativity, because of the feigned politeness, because of the abaser salary as a recompense for the life that they have stolen from you.
A life that is measured based on money.

When we rob a bank, we don’t steal the money, we take back the life that they have steal from us.

But a robbery can be an addict job also. A job like every one’s else, with the only difference that the “salary” isn’t sure and in case of industrial accident jail or death waits you. Often the robbers are not different from the salaried workers, they only work less in condition of high risk. But they share the same cast of mind. The one of a consumer who deify the money, who admires the power of riches and his car, his clothes, his watch are the prolongation of himself.

Sebastian Oversluij was not a robber. He was an anarchist. He refuse to be a slave on the boss’s blocks. He was a disclaimer of work because he refuse the morality of working, the morality of a slave who thinks like a consumer. A robbery by itself isn’t a revolutionary action. But it is a mean of the anarchist fight so we take back from the bosses the stolen time and organise it aggressively against them, planing anarchists actions, helping comrades in captivity, strengthening publishing ventures and creating armed infrastructure of attack against the dominion.

We belong at the generation that Sebastian belong. A generation that gap no age no nationality. At the generation of the inpatients the incompromisers and the dreamers.

We don’t need for heroes, we want comrades who set fires with their ideas.

When we keep alive in our memory Sebastian and all the comrades who fell on the battlefield, we keep the struggle alive. A fight against the dominion and we know that the jail or death are often the cost. But as one’s said “five free birds started the journey to the south.only one arrived, but what their journey for certain wanted to say, it was that it worthed for trying to fly…”

Polidoros Giorgios
Tsakalos Christos
Tsacalos Gerasimos
Iconomidu Olga

Spain: Supreme Court reduces the sentences of anarchist comrades Mónica Caballero and Francisco Solar

On December 16, the Supreme Court reduced the sentences of comrades Mónica Caballero and Francisco Solar, accused of placing a bomb in the Cathedral-Basilica of Our Lady of the Pillar in Zaragoza in October 2013, repealing the initial sentence of 12 years that was dictated by the National Court to 4 years and 6 months.

This decision was made after partially received an appeal by the defense for the comrade Francisco Solar, who asked that they should not be convicted for the crimes of terrorist damage and separate injuries as if they were the result of two different actions as it was originally in the National Court. In addition the defense noted that the comrades took care when they placed a small homemade device to attack the religious symbol of established power and that they did not intend to cause any injury to any person. To reinforce this defense it noted that at the time of the attack the Basilica was closed to the public and that in addition the device did not contain shrapnel and that they gave a warning before the device was detonated.

In addition to the reduced sentence the court also lowered the costs from 182.601 to 143.317 for the damages caused in the Basilica as there was no evidence that any damage had been caused to any items of historical or cultural value.

The National Court had also considered that both anarchists acted ‘autonomously’ since they did not participate in either the FAI-FRI informal organization or the Coordinated Anarchist Groups (GAC) platform.

Faced with this news we cannot contain our great joy for this new situation of our comrades, for they could still face new scenarios such as being expelled for being ‘foreigners’ and having a sentence under 6 years but for now we prefer to wait for the next move by our enemies and until we seem them on the streets again.


(via Instinto Salvaje, translated by Insurrection News)

Prison of Ferrara [Italy]: The Censorship confiscated a text by anarchist comrade Alfredo Cospito (09/12/2016)


(Received 12/12/16)

The comrade Alfredo Cospito, imprisoned in AS2 [high security wing] in Ferrara for kneecapping of Adinolfi and who recently received a new arrest warrant for the operation named “Scripta Manent” — an operation which has led, on request of the Turin Prosecutor’s office, to a new wave of prison guards censorship on the prisoner’s correspondence — writes to us that his texts are being systematically confiscated.
In particular, Alfredo has sent a long contribution for a new publishing project, a new anarchist magazine of agitation and of theoretical analysis, which should be published at the beginning of next year. Alfredo wasn’t aware that his letter has been confiscated until 10 days after he sent it, when he did not receive any answer from the addressees who, unaware, actually urged him to send them the welcome contribution. In other words, the head of the wing, whose sad and infamous job is to photocopy every incoming and outgoing letter for prisoners subjected to the censorship and to send a copy to the prosecutor Sparagna [in charge of the Op.“Scripta Manent”], decided that in this case the spying was not sufficient; that the comrade’s text was not to come out at all.
A decision that at least has the merit of shedding light to the repressive hypocrisy of the democratic regime. The Power is not interested only in repression over those actions which answer with righteous violence to the immeasurably greater violence that the State and the Capital perpetrate every day in order to preserve their domination. The Power, from the Turin anti-mafia magistrates to the miserable jailers in Ferrara, doesn’t even tolerate for the prisoner comrades to continue to write, to agitate, to provoke, collaborating with, maybe even confronting, the reflections of other individuals who are not willing to be subjugated anymore.

You will never be able to isolate imprisoned comrades.
We would have preferred to publicly announce the publication of our magazine at the moment when it would actually be ready.
We will go forward with our publication, all the more proud knowing that it is already making the bureaucrats of repression nervous. Convinced that our complicity with Alfredo and with other imprisoned comrades it could not certainly be expressed in its whole joyful sincerity merely on the pages of a periodical.

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Italy: Update on Operation “Scripta Manent” – 05/12/2016


In his letter the anarchist comrade Daniele Cortelli informs us about the transfer of another comrade, Danilo Cremonese, to Ferrara prison, on November 23th. Furthermore, he updates us on his situation. Practically, for his case the investigations have been closed, and the date of cassation for re-examination has been set for February 9th, 2017.
Complicity and Solidarity with Danilo, Daniele, Anna, Valentina, Alfredo, Nicola, Marco and Sandrone!

Updated addresses:
BISESTI MARCO: Casa Circondariale San Michele – Strada Casale, 50/A – 15121 Alessandria (AL)
MERCOGLIANO ALESSANDRO: Via Arginone, 327 – 44122 Ferrara
BENIAMINO ANNA: Via Aspromonte, 100 – 04100 – Latina LT
CREMONESE DANILO EMILIANO: Via Arginone, 327 – 44122 Ferrara
SPEZIALE VALENTINA: Via Aspromonte, 100 – 04100 – Latina LT
ALFREDO COSPITO: Via Arginone, 327 – 44122 Ferrara
NICOLA GAI: Via Arginone, 327 – 44122 Ferrara
CORTELLI DANIELE: Str. delle Campore, 32 – 05100 Terni TR

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Letter from imprisoned anarchist comrades Monica Caballero and Francisco Solar (Spain)

During the almost three years that we have been confined by different prisons of the Spanish State, there is one aspect that particularly calls attention to its determinant importance in prison life; we refer to the dispersion.

The dispersion corresponds to a policy of Penitentiary Institutions implemented by the socialist government in the mid-1980s, which consists of transferring determined prisoners to distant prisons many kilometers from their place of residence. In many cases these transfers are incessant and see the prisoners forced to go through various prisons in a short period of time preventing them from establishing themselves and establishing lasting relationships with others. The purpose of this policy was to curb the riots and protests inside the prisons that had been occurring during those years by drastically removing prisoners considered hostile to the prison system.

On the other hand the dispersion was applied to all political prisoners as an exceptional measure to aggravate their punishment, the transfers also affected their close ones who were forced to travel hundreds of miles to be able to visit a family member or friend in prison. Therefore, from its inception, the policy of dispersion affected both social and political prisoners, and continues to do so, contrary to many who think and express that it is only applied to ‘politicos’. The difference lies, as we stated, in that for the latter it is an exceptional measure that affects everyone only for the reason that led to their imprisonment, while it is applied against social prisoners for certain behaviors within the prison that are seen as disturbing to the ‘penitentiary order’. It is important to note that the difference between social and political prisoners is not used by us, however it is the making of this categorization that enables the structuring and functioning of the measure in question.

The dispersion is still as prevalent as it was in its beginnings. No doubt it has fulfilled some of its purpose to pacify the prisons of the Spanish State where the demands and protests are almost nonexistent, and where more than ever there is a close collaboration between prisoner and jailer. We can see how much prison is a reflection of society. The dispersion has so affected the prison life that the threat of prison transfer is permanently in the minds of each inmate. It is a constant threat that implicitly regulates and controls the behavior of the people here insofar as any behavior that disrupts the ‘order’ and manifests some intent is punishable by transfer. Thus, any breakthrough initiative is canceled by this tool of control, the transferred prisoner must begin to develop new relationships and complicities only to be warned by the jailers that they will again be subject to transfer. Today there are prisoners who, because of the provision of penitentiary institutions, do not stay for more than a year in each prison, mainly because of their history of conflict.

Although in its beginnings the dispersion was applied to the social prisoners who participated in and encouraged the protests and the rupture inside the prisons, nowadays since these initiatives are practically non-existent, the penitentiary system has needed to adjust to the current situation and has begun to apply this measure to any more or less repetitive behavior that breaks the internal norms, no matter how minimal. Sanctions that were previously mild are currently cause for possible conduct, for example if you are caught with a mobile phone or you get involved in a minor fight.

Related to the above, one aspect that has gained much relevance is everything that involves the prisoner’s conduct, transforming into a true institution within the prison system. In the Spanish State there are about 80 prisons, some of which are women only, many for men only, others for mixed quarters and also special sections for mothers. Therefore the options to carry out the transfers are varied and anecdotally in this they do not skimp on the expenses; if they are looking for a good punishment they do not mind giving you a good tour to the other end of the peninsula. The security guards in charge of transfers are the civil guards, they are responsible for transfers from prison to prison. Perhaps one who reads this will wonder what a transfer is like? They may vary by geographical location but more or less follow the same protocols. We can assure you that any prisoner who been through this experience would agree with us that it is disgusting. Usually they will take you from one prison to another at any given time and sometimes you do not know where they are taking you until you arrive, which causes much anxiety. Until arriving at your destination it is possible that you stop in several jails for a couple of hours or several days, this is what is called ‘transit’. When you are in this situation you cannot have more than what is strictly necessary (according to the whims of each prison). The means of transport for the transfer are called ‘kangaroos’, vans of the civil guard with interior compartments that have space for two prisoners in each one. These compartments are very asphyxiating, not enough space to move, not even to stand upright and where you can spend up to six or seven hours in a row. It is important to note that there are prisons destined to be transfer centers that are equipped with all the necessary infrastructure for this; large income modules for those who are in transit, special parking bays for the vans of the civil guards, among other things. The prison of Valdemoro in Madrid fulfills this function for prisoners and the prison of Soto del Real is where the majority of prisoners pass that are being transferred from the north to the south or vice versa.

All of this points to the importance of the transfer to the prison institution and shows that the dispersion is a fundamental tool with a clear and vengeful intention towards all prisoners and prisoners who are a nuisance since it attacks them where it has the most effect: Taken away from your loved ones, be they comrades, family or friends.

In this sense, an aspect of the dispersion that was applied to us was to keep us separated, we were kept in seclusion for the first eighteen months without seeing each other and there is nothing to prevent this situation from happening again. Penitentiary institutions are supposed to provide access for regrouping as soon as prisoners can ‘prove’ that there is a close and stable relationship, although this is often not the case, many prisoners will spend months or even years without seeing their close comrades or incarcerated relatives.

Being behind bars the closeness with your loved ones is essential, it is very important on an emotional level and also in some way, to break with the isolation that allows us in our case to maintain the political connection to the street. However this becomes much more difficult when it is not only bars and high walls that separate you but also hundreds of kilometers.

As anarchists we do not want more prisons, even if they are ‘better’, but we believe that we need to discuss how to deal with and fight against dispersion considering that it represents the fundamental pillar of prison control.

Francisco Solar and Mónica Caballero

Autumn 2016

via Publicacion Refractario, translated by Insurrection News

Italy: Update on Operation “Scripta Manent”


(Received : 21/11/16)

The transfers of comrades, arrested in operation “Scripta Manent”, from one prison to another are continuing. Yet another transfer, the comrade Alessandro Mercogliano was transferred from prison of Alessandria to prison of Ferrara, always in AS2 [high security wing], where are already held the kidnapped comrades Nicola Gai and Alfredo Cospito.
So, the sleepless and paranoiac nights of miserable prosecutor Roberto Sparagna are continuing, in order to get some clues, since he does not have even a half, he enjoys torturing the comrades with “prohibition to meet each other” (I would remind that Sandro and Marco in Alessandria, as well Danilo and Daniele in Terni could never meet each other) and with continuous transfers.
Beyond any logic of “innocent” or “guilty”, I express my complete solidarity and my unconditional complicity to Sandrone and to every comrade arrested in operation “Scripta Manent”.

RadioAzione, 21 November 2016

Updated addresses:

BISESTI MARCO: Casa Circondariale San Michele – Strada Casale, 50/A – 15121 Alessandria (AL)

MERCOGLIANO ALESSANDRO: Via Arginone, 327 – 44122 Ferrara

BENIAMINO ANNA: Via Aspromonte, 100 – 04100 – Latina LT

CREMONESE DANILO EMILIANO: Str. delle Campore, 32 – 05100 Terni TR

SPEZIALE VALENTINA: Via Aspromonte, 100 – 04100 – Latina LT

ALFREDO COSPITO: Via Arginone, 327 – 44122 Ferrara

NICOLA GAI: Via Arginone, 327 – 44122 Ferrara

CORTELLI DANIELE: Str. delle Campore, 32 – 05100 Terni TR

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Genoa, Italy: “Update on the trial against me for the crime 414 of C.C.” (Carlo)

As expected, they sentenced me to 14 months in prison for the text I wrote immediately after the dissociation of some ambiguous figures.
I am charged with “apology of crime”, while the aggravation for terrorism and recidivism was not taken into account, as well as the aggravation for publishing the text on Internet (although the prosecutor Manotti had requested it), since the Renzi decree, which increases the crime, was introduced after my publication.
Therefore, the will to prosecute comrades who write texts continues, if the inquisitors consider them disturbing.
The result of this whole story is that two comrades are in prison for the Action carried out against Adinolfi, that I been sentenced because I have defended this Action, and those figures who have written the dissociation, they still hang out at the occupied places.



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